Acrylic White – Which one is the best choice

Acrylic White – Which one is the best choice

Everybody that paint knows how frustrating is trying to put your final highlights in your artwork and the white that you are using just don’t have the vibrancy that you need or expect. After trying several brands I finally found something that works and with amazing price. 

I compared four different brands of white acrylics to see which on has the best performance for the best price. The bands that I used for this comparison are: CRAFTSMART ( inexpensive craft acrylic paint), GOLDEN HIGH FLOW ACRYLICS (very expensive acrylic from golden), LIQUITEX BASIC (student grade acrylic paint from Liquitex) and ABSTRACT (student grade acrylic from Sennelier). I used the paint strait from the tube, no water add. 

Lets started with the cheapest brand, the CRAFTSMART. It is an inexpensive brand sold in craft stores.  Although the color was a nice vibrant white the consistency of the paint was weak and it made a lot of visible brush strokes. With the low consistency was expected that it do not hold pics, but it is ok I didn’t have high expectations for this one anyway, after all it is a cheapest brand.  

The second brand that I tested was the GOLDEN HIGH FLOW ACRYLICS. This one is a very expensive brand as the name said it is a fluid ink -like consistency. I shaked the bottle very well for about 3 minute just to make sure that it was mixed well. Surprisingly the golden was less white than the cheapest brand as you can see at the photo in the left. When it drys it become even more transparent. I understand that more fluid less pigment the paint have but they announce how highly pigmented their paintings are so it was very unexpected at least for me.  

The third one is LIQUITEX BASIC,    it is a student grade paint so I wasn’t expect much and its performance was really bad, it is  transparent and, even marked as a Titanium white, looks like more a Zinc white because of the transparency. It holds some pics but the color is so weak, less white than the cheapest brand that cost way less.  I use liquitex acrylics for may acrylics paints and all colors are weak in pigmente but the set is large and inexpensive,  I was started with acrylics and I wasn’t sure if I would like, for that reason it was a good buy at that moment. You can see on the photo bellow that I put some of the craft brand there just to compare the white

Finally I going to try SENELLIER ABSTRACT. This paint is very consistent almost a heavy body paint. It is buttery, smooth and wonderful to work with. Right away you can see the difference. It has a excellent coverage , smooth and even. The paint hold pics very well and it is a pure beautiful white. I try to diluted with some water to see how transparent it get and even with water add it stays whiter than the other brands.

The results are very clear. Sennelier Abstract is by far the best white and it had the best general performance aider.

So now, lets talk about price. I put bellow a chart with prices and  how much you get per ml and finally how much you going to pay for ml.    









59 ML

30 ML

118 ML

120 ML






As you can see the diference is incredible high, the craft paint is the less expensive and still wasn’t the worst paint tested. The golden was the more expensive price per milliliters (ML). Is very important you know how much you pay for ML because sometimes you think that it is a good deal but the difference between how much is inside the bottle make all the difference. To get the price of the ml  you put the price and divide per how much ml is in the container

Exemple:    1ml = Price/ml

Lets see the golden fluid as an exemple

1ml= 4.54 (price)/ 30 (volume)

1ml = 0.15 (1ml is equal a 15 cents)

So analyzing this simple math shows us that definitely the Sennelier Abstract is the best in price because cost the same as liquitex basic with superior quality . 

The final result is:  Sennelier Abrstrat is the Champ, best pigment color, best performance, best price. 

You can see this tutorial on my Youtube channel 

I hope this information was useful for you guys. 

All the material that I use here today is listed below.

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Thank you for stop by. See you next time 

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