10 Best Watercolor Sets for Plain Air

10 Best Watercolor Sets for Plain Air

The summer is here, the sun is shine and the landscape is illuminated with a lot of light, perfect scenario to go out and do some plain air. There is several different equipment that you can have to set up your plain air painting. You can have the whole plain air set up or just take some little watercolor sets that fit in you pocket with you. You can find different sizes, prices and quality of watercolor palette field. I going to show you the best options for plain air set ups so you can decide what is the fits the best your needs.

Lets start small. If you like take your watercolor with you on the go you have many options of pocket sizes travel palates that allow you to take your watercolor with you in your pocket or in your purse. 

1 – The Winsor & Newton Cotman Mini Watercolor set  is a very good exemple of small size palette. This little cutie fits perfectly in you pocket. It has 8 colors pans which is impressive considere the size of this little palette. Perfect for travel or paint wherever you are. For less the 28 dollars you can have this small palette and take it with you everywhere. It comes with a travel brush, the only thing you need is some water and a paper towel to start to paint. There is a space to mixing colors which is very helpful. Winsor and Newton is a very well know brand and theirs products have a very good quality. Cotman is a student grade watercolors from Winsor and Newton but still it is a very good buy because its quality.

2 – The Sennelier French Artists’ Watercolor Aqua-Mini, set of 8 half pans is other exemple of small size palette. The mixing areas in this one looks small and is made of transparent plastic. It also comes with a travel brush. Sennelier is a respectfull brand and it is an artist grade watercolor the colors are litefast (don’t fade overtime) and the set is very charming. It cost less the 22 dollars which is a very good deal for the quality.

3 – If quality is top priority for you this Schmincke Horadam Aquarell is the one you looking for. Schmincke is one of the most desirable watercolor on the market, good quality and performance made this brand one of the best. This small set of 8 half pans in a metal tin comes with water container and a large mixing area. Its shape reminds  me a whisk mini bottle. Charming
and expensive you pay for the quality, the price is around 86 dollars. 

4 – If the water container is important to you but you are in a short budget you can consider the Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Paint Field Box Set, small but complete this set comes with water bottle container, a sponge and watercolor travel brush and it has plenty of space for mixing. It comes with 12 half pans  and cost less than 40 dollars. 

5 – If you prefere tubes the best set you can find is the QoR Watercolor Introductory 6 Set it comes in a tin with a lot of space for mixing. QoR is an amazing watercolor from Golden brand that comes with an exclusive binder that keeps the color beautiful and vibrant. It is a top quality brand. The price is excellent for the quality you going to get, it is around 20 dollars.  

6 – Another option if you like tubes but you want more colors options then the Van Gogh Watercolor Set is your best option. The set comes with 12 Tubes in a plastic case with sponge and travel brush. Van Gogh is a good quality paint so it is worth it to try.

7 – For the other hand if what you want is a variety of colors you still have several options. The Dainayw Travel Watercolor Paint Set is a great option, it is not an artist grade watercolor but comes with a good variety of 42 colors, it is small easy to carry and the color are very pigmented which is very important too, the water brush is included. The price is very good, it cost around 19 dollars. 

8 – Another amazing set for those who like a lot of colors is the Sakura Koi Field Sketch Travel Kit of 48. It is a pocket size but comes with plenty of colors. Sakura is a good quality watercolors and theirs colors have a strong pigment .

Each set includes a sponge an extra tray for mixing an Koi’s unique, refillable water brushes with water reservoir barrel handles to transport and store water while on the road. The comfortable grip is great for controlled blending, shading, and highlighting. The price for this one is around 43 dollars.

9 – If you like to take your own watercolors there is a option for that too. The Watercolor Palette by Portable Painter is perfect for you. 

Compact and versatile it has 12 half pans so you can fill with the collors of you choice. Fits effortlessly in a pocket or purse so it’s perfect for travel, urban sketching, plein air or home use. Detachable water containers act as a sturdy pedestal base that’s great on uneven surfaces or for hands-free use, plus the palette offers plenty of mixing  areas. It comes with a versatile synthetic double-brush, size 2 for fine detail and size 4 for washes, plus built-in brush rests. It cost around 25 dollars but worth it to have it.

10 – For those who need something a little bit more elaborate one good options is Winsor & Newton Artists’ Water Colour Half Pan Bamboo Box Set, this set comes with a complete set up for plain air inside a bamboo box that works as an easel, including 12 half pan watercolor artist grade from Windsor and Newton, 2 brushes, sponge a watercolor paper and a pencil for sketching. The box have a lot of space for you to put anything else you need inside.

I hope this information was helpful for you guys.

You can find all this products described in this article in this website at the shop page in the WATERCOLOR PAINT section. 

Thank you for stop by.

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