Fabriano Artistico Extra White Watercolor Paper Review

Fabriano Artistico Extra White Watercolor Paper Review

Fabriano Artistico Extra White Watercolor Paper

   Fabriano Artistico Extra White paper is an artist grade paper well know for the most watercolor artists. I will test this paper and see what make this paper so famous and wanted for all watercolors painters. 

I will tested a 5×7 cold press, 140 lb/300 gsm paper, it is 100% cotton (Cotton papers are know for their purity, durability and performance, making them very desirable for artists who want to create a fine art piece that will last.), acide free that means the color will not faded out or react with your paint. It is unbleached which is also important to preserve your art. You can find a variety of sizes between 5×7 blocks and pads to rolls. Blocks is more desirable for plain air or for those who don’t like the hassle of the tape. 

The paper surface is very interest to touch, for me was unexpected because looks like it has some kind of coate on top of it that make the surface feels kind of hard, I was expecting a soft surface,  my fist thought was that it would be no-absorbent. It has a beautiful texture, I personally really like cold press paper.

As soon as I put the watercolor on the paper I notice that the paper absorb the color just right an the colors stays vibrant even in the first layer. The painting flows very nicely and the coverage looks so smooth. I using Holbein watercolor paint here and it performs really nice on this paper I try to lift some color and it works perfectly, the paper stay strong even after heavy washes. I can see why artists in general prefere this paper. It is an expensive paper and I wish I didn’t like it that much so I could use more affordable papers, but no, I really like it and there is no comparison with other papers that I already try. I will make a video comparing Fabriano with another brands like Stonhenge Aqua and other cheap papers too. The painting was enjoyable because the paper don’t make me feel frustrated and I could achieve the results that a was looking for.

I highly recommend this paper for those who looking for performance and great results without stress or frustration. It is a expensive paper, so if you don’t make pieces to sell  it might be too expensive. If you are still learning I suggest you start with a good quality paper but more affordable until you feel comfortable to use something more expensive otherwise you can fell discourage to paint because you don’t want to ruin a expensive paper in case you art didn’t ended up as you wish. You can make great work with any kind the paper, but the better paper the fastest you get the results that you looking for.

I hope this review was helpful, I have the video tutorial of this bird on my Youtube channel and a full version tutorial on my Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/makingartbyclaudia

Here the list of materials that a used in this tutorial.:

To buy anyone of those itens below please click on the name of the product or on the photo or VISIT MY SHOP PAGE where you can find all the materials that I listed here and much more. It going to support my channel at no extra cost to you.

Thank you.

Ebony splendor watercolor brush #12:

Mimik squirrel brush # 1:

Mimik Kolinsky watercolor brush# 8

Fabriano Artistico Extra white 5X7 block 

Holbein watercolor 18 tubes set

Tin Watercolor palette



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