YES Canvas Pad and Grumbacher Pre-Tested Skin Tutorial Professional Oil Review

YES Canvas Pad and Grumbacher Pre-Tested Skin Tutorial Professional Oil Review


The surface where you going to paint is as important as the paint that you going to use. Doesn’t matter your painting skills the surface that you choose can either help you or make your job much more dificulte. Here I going to test Yes canvas pad with all kind of wet medias and see how it behave and hopefully help you to choose the right match for your project.

YES canvas pad is lightweight ( 11oz weight), 100% unbleached cotton, that comes with 10 sheets and is already primed with triple-primed (acid free special wet media primer). Its surface is very smooth and it is good for detailed work. The manufacture said that it accept all kind of wet media even watercolor.  I will going to test it and see the results.

I started with watercolor, I used Holbein watercolors and the results was interesting, I try to apply the normal mixture with water and watercolors but it din’t work, was too dry for the surface, but considering that is a different surface it was ok, so I apply a mixture with much more water and it works well, the surface is absorbent and the watercolors drys relatively fast and it keep their vibrancy. I try wet on wet technique and it works but the watercolor gets complete out of control and speed very fast. I let my fist mixture dry for a little and try to apply another color but it spreads out of control again. The paint loses their shape and the colors mixing in unexpected way. The final conclusion for the watercolor is: If you like to do detail work it is no the right surface for you work in watercolor, depende of the technique you use and the results you want to achieve this surface works but you have to keep in mind that you have to be very careful with the quantity the water that you going to apply or you may ruined your work. One more importe fact is that its buckle really bad with watercolors so you have to tape it in another surface before you start to paint.

 So lets moving on to acrylics. I used Liquitex Basics for the test. The acrylic paint work here much better, the colors look vibrant and because the surface is smooth you can do a lot of details. I try a very watery mixture and it still looks good and the mixture is more in control than with watercolor. So the end results for acrylics is good I think this surface is very promising, but you have to remember that the canvas going to bucle if you use too much water.

Finale  I try oils, I used Gumbacher Pre-Tested professional oil Skin Tutorial set,  and I like the results. The oil grab on the canvas nicely even after I thin it down with liquin. It makes a nice and even coverage, maybe because the quality of this set of oils painting is good and the paint is very tick. 

Because the oils had a very good performance I decided to do a portrait and because I want to test the variation of color that the set is capable to do I painted a dark skin color. You can see the video tutorial of this portrait paint in my Youtube channel or just click on the video bellow.

Lets talk about the oil paint now. Like I said I used the Gumbacher Pre-Tested professional oil Skin Tutorial set I bought this set because I was looking for some media that I could make a nice and smooth texture portrait because I couldn’t do it in watercolor or acrylic and with colored pencil take to long and with pencil is more difficult to achieve what I was looking for. This set have 6 colors, the colors are: Yellow ochre, Burnt umber, Raw sienna, French ultramarine blue, Alizarin crimson golden and Titanium white. Each tube comes with 1.27 oz (37 ml). The tubes came very full there is no air inside and the paint is very tick, it is a nice quality because the more consistente and ticker the better coverage you can get.

The set comes with instructions and some recipes explaining how to mix skin colors. I didn’t test the recipes but it is nice for people that is don’t have experience in paint skin tones and are scared to try make the mixtures. The paint maintain its shape and has a good coverage even after mixed it with the Liquin to thin it down. I use it to paint a portrait and it was easy I apply, just one layer was enough to get the coverage I need. The colors mixed together very nicely and looks very nice on the canvas surface. I think this set is excellent and have professional quality for sure.


I did a color swatch just to see how the colors looks like in the surface. For the portrait I used almost all colors in different mixtures depend on the part I was painting but I started with a mixture of Alizarin crimson golden and Titanium white and add  some blue or burnt umber as needed to tone down the color. For the warm shades I used more of raw sienna in the mixture. The set works very well to make skin tones .

I hope this review can help you to find the right material that fits to your needs. To  watch this review on video go to my Youtube channel or click on the video below.



All the materials that I used in this video is listed bellow. You can buy this products click on the name of the product or on the photo. You also can buy this products here in my website at the Shop page its goin to help to support my channel with no extra cost to you. 

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